All goods sold at Wako, including watches, clocks, jewellery, men’s and women’s goods, and interior decor, and food products, are quality items that have been specially developed based on the feedback we have received from our customers, or selected from Japan or overseas with a discerning eye. Wako commenced operations, in1947, Current Seiko Holdings Corporation taking over the retail division from Hattori Tokeiten, which was founded in1881.

We will continue to value our commitment to fine quality and the spirit of hospitality cultivated through our long history and traditions. We hope that you will enjoy a leisurely shopping experience at Wako.

其设计灵感来自西口大厅大橱窗的「GRANDE ROUE」首饰,
在本馆2楼展示「GRANDE ROUE」珠宝,
For over 85 years, the Wako main building has kept watching the history of Ginza quietly.
The jewellery "GRANDE ROUE" inspired from a large window decorating its west entrance.
We also prepared a new work such as necklace using natural color Akoya pearls.
Wako 一楼的精工表旗舰沙龙,准备了全部Grand Seiko 系列腕表。

As the Seiko Flagship Salon on the fi rst fl oor of the Wako main building,
Thin type model equipped with newly developed caliber and applied
Japanese lacquer art to the dial, model characterized by elegant bluedial,
beautiful and simple ladies' model. In the shop front,
you cansee various lineups from popular models to limited models.

Grand Seiko
Elegance Collection

手动上链机械表(9S63)、18K 玫瑰金、
透漆文字盘、日常生活防水、限量150 个、
序列号输入、透视表背、表壳直径39 毫米
Mechanical manual winding(9S63),
18KPG, Suki-Urushi dial, Splash
Resistant, Limited to 150, Serial number
engraved on the case back, See-through
case back, Case diameter 39mm

Grand Seiko
Elegance Collection

日常生活防水、限量1,500 个、序列号
输入、透视表背、表壳直径39 毫米
Mechanical manual winding(9S63),
Stainless steel, Splash Resistant, Limited to
1,500, Serial number engraved on the case back,
See-through case back, Case diameter 39mm


Grand Seiko 
Elegance Collection

不锈钢、10 气压防水、
透视表背、表壳直径27.8 毫米
Automatic Winding(9S27)
Stainless steel, Diamond,
Water resistant 10ATM, See-through case back,
Case diameter 27.8mm