阿瑪尼在日本東京銀座的中心地帶晴海大道上修建了「銀座塔」旗艦店。「銀座塔」是由義大利一流建築設計師Massimiliano和Doriana Fuksas聯合設計,高56米,地下2層,地上11層。其中地下2層~地上3層是阿瑪尼時尚及配飾品的營業樓層,5~9是辦公層,10、11層是餐飲休閒層。

Armani / Ginza Tower,
Armani / Ginza Tower, one of the world’s most iconic Armani concept stores, designed by leading Italian architects Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, is located in the heart of Ginza, on Harumi Street in Tokyo. It stands 56-metre tall, consisting of 11-storeys-above ground and 2-storeys-underground. The selling part for fashion and accessories includes "Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans and Armani Junior, Giorgio Armani Beauty" from B2 to 3rd floors. Armani / Casa is on the 4th floor, and restaurant/coffee-break area "Armani / Ristorante” and “Ristorante Wine Lounge" is on the 10th and 11th floor, respectively.
As a subtle and delicate oriental factor, bamboo motif is built in Ginza Tower. Bathed in milky white LED backlighting, bamboo leaves and trunks are covered with a film of frosted Plexiglass, accentuating the stylized line of the building's gilt metal frame. When the night curtain is falling down, Ginza Tower is surrounded by a bamboo grove.

〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座5-5-4        TEL: 03-6274-7000


   2013年4月阿瑪尼在日本時尚聖地的東京表參道開設了青山旗艦店,店廳設在表參道的新地標建築OAK OMOTESANDO之中,占據了一、二樓層,面積約600平米。
A new flagship store Emporio Armani Aoyama, which opened in April 2013, is located on the first and second floors of Oak Omotesando, the local landmark. Boasting a total area of approximately 600㎡ the store also features Japan’s very first Emporio Armani Caffé (size: 80㎡) on its first floor. 
Aoyama flagship store has the largest scale exterior curtain-wall out of all the Emporio Armani shops in Japan, which installs louvers behind, illuminated by LED backlighting and marked prominently with the eagle logo, the symbol of the brand.
The new Aoyama flagship store provides the largest and most complete selection of Emporio Armani collections for men and women in Japan. On the first floor there is an assorted range of womenswear and women’s accessories, while the second floor houses a range of menswear and men’s accessories as well as the EA7 sports collection. The Emporio Armani Caffé on the first floor has 30 seats, and can be entered from both the inside and outside of the store.
It is open for drinks and light meals anytime during the business hours of the flagship store, providing the perfect place for refreshments and breaks while shopping.

〒107-0061 港区北青山3-6-1 オーク表参道1F、2F   TEL: 03-5778-1631  





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